How can I register in the online store?

At the top right of the page is the user icon. When you press it, the Login and Registration tabs will appear. Select the Registration tab and you must carefully fill in the information that will be requested. Once you have completed the fields, you will need to press the REGISTER button. Immediately transfer to your Account Control Panel from where you can edit your account details, your addresses, but also see the history of your orders.

Do I have to register to buy something?

No, you do not need to be a registered user in our online store to make any purchase.

What is a shopping cart?

The shopping cart contains all the products you have chosen to buy. At the top right of the screen is the “ BASKET” icon and it says how many products have been added so far. If you want to change the quantities on a product you have selected or remove it completely from your cart, select the “ BASKET VIEW” button and you can edit the products and quantities you want or go ahead to pay for the products by clicking on the “ CASH” button.

What is a Wish List?

The difference between a Wish List and a shopping cart is that in Wish List you collect the products you plan to buy in the future. In each product there is also the Wish List option in the form of the heart icon on each product. Clicking this icon will add you to the list of purchases you may make in the future. The Wish list icon is at the top of the online store page. Clicking takes you to this list and if you wish to proceed with the purchase of the specific products, press the button “ ADD TO CART” and transfer to your shopping cart to complete your purchase.

What are payment methods, shipping methods and return policy?

Payment Methods

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Shipping Methods

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Return Policy

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